Holiday Fuel For Your Body

It’s so much easier to stick to healthy eating when you’re at home. It’s when you go out for lunch, those shared meals, or when you head away on holiday that things get trickier! Here’s some tips to help you get through!!

Shared Meals

It’s far too easy to overeat when you’re attending a bring-a-plate gathering. Everyone comes along and puts out what they have brought and we feel the need to have some of everything – it would be rude not to try your sister-in-law’s potato bake right? Plus there’s the array of snacks which we eat just because they are sitting there! Were we even hungry?!

  1. Don’t arrive hungry – have a healthy snack before you leave home.
  2. Try to be picky. Focus on only eating the foods you ABSOLUTELY LOVE, and skip the foods you are just ok with.
  3. Don’t eat something just because it’s a holiday food – if Christmas trifle doesn’t excite you, skip it.
  4. I’d almost guarantee there will be too many dessert choices! If you want to taste every dessert in attendance, that’s fine – consider having a little sampling of each. Otherwise have a moderate serving of your favourite and savour each bite!
  5. You do get to choose what you bring yourself. Make sure those are healthy options and load up on your vege salad and low sugar dessert (within reason).

Road Trip – Car Snacks

We’ve all done it! We get half an hour up the road (if we are lucky) and the kids complain they are hungry – and we have nothing in the car for them to eat. (Plus the husband decides he already needs a coffee). The options are slim – muffins and slices at a small town coffee shop or potato chips at a petrol station…

Preparation is key here!! Whether you are a baker and make some homemade low sugar snacks before you leave – which is easier said than done when you also have to pack for the whole family. (You could be really organised and have some bliss balls in the freezer to bring out). Or you can head to your local supermarket or wholefood shop beforehand, where you know they have some good, nutritious snack options.

We like:

  • Nice and Natural Protein Seed Bars
  • Abe’s Wholemeal Bagel Bites
  • Cere’s Seaweed Snacks
  • Peckish brown rice crackers
  • Tasti Raw Snacking nut snack bags


  • Fruit and veggies (apples, carrot sticks)
  • Homemade tamari seeds

Holiday Dining Out

Whether you are away from home (and a kitchen) or are treating yourself to dinner out or lunch with friends, over the Christmas and New Year period there’s a greater likelihood you’ll be dining out.

  1. Research what good restaurants you can eat at in your holiday town or city. You might look for ones that have healthier options like pita bread sandwiches and fresh fruit salad in their kids’ menu, restaurants with gluten free options or cafes that have a salad bar.
  2. Try a vegetarian dish, or choose a salad and ask for the dressing to be kept on the side. Remember to include some protein.
  3. It’s ok to ask for the fries or white rice to be left off your plate and replaced with a larger serving of vegetables or salad. Most restaurants are obliging.
  4. Restaurant meals are often large – ask for a take home box when you order, then when your meal arrives immediately pop some of it away out of sight (and temptation) to eat the next day.

Holiday Home Menu

It’s easy to relax the rules and give in to some food choices you wouldn’t otherwise choose when on holiday. And that’s fine. But try relaxing the rules for just ONE “meal” a day – whether that’s pancakes for breakfast, having dessert, indulging in pre-dinner snacks or including a Sampler Box biscuit (or two) with your morning tea coffee. Not all four in the same day please!

Allow time for supermarket shopping while away, especially for fresh fruit and vegetables – even check before you leave where the closest one is to your accommodation or planned activities.

Take what groceries you can from home too – provided car space isn’t an issue. (Probably not so much if your trip requires an international flight – lucky you!).

And remember to pack your supplements and a probiotic to help your body cope with differences in your diet. I also take some dietary fibre whenever I am away from home.

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