Why Sometimes Sugar Wins!

A shock coming from me – I know! We do try to limit the amount of sugar in our house, especially refined sugar. But there are some circumstances where other considerations matter more!!!

I still remember the day. We were in the middle of our 2 1/2 year long ADHD diagnosis journey with our son and I had just attended a pediatrician appointment with him early on a Tuesday morning. He had behaved well, so at his request I decided it was okay to treat him with a can of fizz from the vending machine on the way out; why they have such things in hospitals I do not know!!! (Perhaps they no longer do – it’s been a while since I have visited one).

He wanted Coca-Cola and with my infinite wisdom (not so much back then) I had decided that sugar was bad for ADHD kiddos and to go with the no sugar variety: Coke Zero.


I had hosted a Tupperware party a week or two before and had people’s orders in the back of our car to do some deliveries on the way home from hospital – including some to workmates at the local government council where I worked part time.

It did NOT go well. He was the most hyperactive and uncontrollable boy I have ever seen! It was not an enjoyable experience AT ALL!!!!

I then did some research and learned that Coke Zero has aspartame (number 951) in it, which is not recommended for children and has been linked to hyperactivity, aggression, cancer and more. (Diet and No Sugar Coca-Cola have the same ingredient, as does Pepsi Max).

That was four years ago and it still surprises me how common aspartame is found in products, particularly those our youth consume. I AM pleased that some beverage companies are producing more varieties that are lower in sugar WITHOUT aspartame. Tho I do admit I’m not particularly fond of the taste of stevia some use instead.

In our house – well more so when we are dining out for a special occasion – we’ll choose original anything over “zero”. I do prefer looking for organic alternatives that don’t have other additives too. We enjoy the following – well, more so my son and husband (as I still find sugar messes with my immunity and it’s not something I often crave):

  • Fentimans Curiosity Cola (7.8% sugar)
  • Phoenix Organic Cola (10.8% organic sugar)
  • Macs Hokey Pokey Cola (6.3% sugar)
  • Charlies Straight Up Cola (8.5% sugar)
  • Karma Cola (10.2% organic cane sugar)

I’ll end by saying that families are all on their own journey when it comes to what they consume. For some tackling processed food is all they can handle right now – and that is great – they are moving in the right direction. For others being vegan with no added sugar fits in easily with their lifestyle, and that’s wonderful too. Others have made a few positive changes and are feeling the benefits and don’t see the need to take things further – if doing so would bring too much stress I totally get that as well! (Stress is not good for one’s health).

Remember too, it matters what you do 90% of the time or every day – not what you do occasionally. And so I’ll help my husband finish off that last bottle of Hokey Pokey Cola we currently have in the fridge.

Rach xx.

AKA Nutritious Mum

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