Yes To Sushi But Leave The Accompaniments Please

When planning my daughter’s Japanese food themed birthday party last year, I became aware of the additives in wasabi paste but just could not find an alternative locally! All the brands I could find here in Invercargill had artificial colours (102 and 133 – both on my list to avoid) and no actual wasabi either, but that’s an aside.

We used to use a wasabi blend from YIAH but that has long been finished up, and the company have stopped operating.

I spotted some S&B Wasabi Powder in my mum’s pantry when we visited the other week and promptly bought some from their local supermarket. It’s made with all natural ingredients, including 2% wasabi. We’ll be giving it it’s first try this Tuesday. I’ve since found Ceres Organics have a wasabi powder too.

Problem solved. But then…

For Christmas Miss 15 was given a homemade sushi kit, including a packet of pickled ginger. I had a look at this yesterday, and to my shock, it not only had colouring (which shouldn’t have been a surprise as ginger isn’t naturally pink) but also contained the artificial sweetener aspartame!! For goodness sake why?!!!!

Now I’m not saying that all bought sushi has additives in the sides that accompany it. If you have a regular sushi place it would pay to ask though.

Otherwise, from now on we’ll be tossing the accompaniments aside when we buy sushi, and will make our own wasabi paste from a powder. Plus on the to do list is to pickle some ginger ourselves.

You might consider using only organic and non GMO soy sauce too.

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