Health At Every Size

I used to believe that being a healthy weight was THE most important thing you could do for your long-term health. Something everyone should strive for. No excuses. When the body positivity movement - with it's acceptance of all bodies, no matter the form, size or appearance - peaked last year, it made me nervous. I had … Continue reading Health At Every Size

When Your Partner Isn’t On The Wellness Wagon With You

Gosh this blog post has been written and rewritten and is now taking an angle I hadn't envisaged when I first started it. It's been healing in fact - as writing can be... It was going to address the fact that as a nutrition coach I struggle with my husband not following my passion for … Continue reading When Your Partner Isn’t On The Wellness Wagon With You

Holiday Fuel For Your Body

It's so much easier to stick to healthy eating when you're at home. It's when you go out for lunch, those shared meals, or when you head away on holiday that things get trickier! Here's some tips to help you get through!! Shared Meals It's far too easy to overeat when you're attending a bring-a-plate … Continue reading Holiday Fuel For Your Body

BMI Isn’t Everything

I shared on social media the other weekend that I got a bit of a shock when I calculated my BMI and it was 24.2; too close to the overweight category for my liking. It would take a three kilogram gain to reach that status, which isn't likely to creep up on me like the … Continue reading BMI Isn’t Everything