I found this group very informative, there is so much I didn’t realise could affect a child. It was great to learn what is recommended and that there are alternatives out there for most things. 

Monique Campbell (Fueling our Fireflies Participant)

I found this programme very useful. Rachael is a down-to-earth mumma, who is experiencing challenges similar to my own family. The information given in the program is easy to understand. There is no ‘waffling’ it is pure information to help you incorporate better nutrition into your own families lifestyle. Thank you!

Nicola Hayward (Fueling our Fireflies participant)

I signed up for the Fueling our fireflies group so I could learn more about additives in packet foods. The behaviour changes in my children are obvious to me after they’ve eaten certain foods and I wanted to become more aware of what I should be avoiding. This course gave me lots of insight with a handy printout that takes the guesswork out of grocery shopping. I loved the way Rachael broke it down into 10 cornerstones and the idea of focusing on one at a time. I have already seen improvements in my children.

Sheree Ferrari (Fueling our Fireflies participant)

It was good to hear real life experiences and see how simple steps can make a big difference. Plus, the difference food options were not too expensive to implement, which when you have a large family, cost is a factor when making changes.

Serena Driver (Fueling our Fireflies participant)

Helpful, informative, non-judgmental, supportive, encouraging, practical and inspiring. It was full of tips that we can put into action right away.

Sarah Auld (Fueling our Fireflies participant)

Easy to understand explanations with real-life ways to apply changes! I highly recommend “Fueling our Fireflies”.

Maria Henderson

Rachael provided daily information for the group, which was easy to read and follow. I learned lots of new things and tips that I could follow and put into place for my own families daily living, thank you!

Danielle Jones (Fueling our Fireflies participant)

I thought i was pretty clued up on my child’s dietary requirements but had a few surprises during these sessions. Rachael was happy to elaborate when I had questions and was always positive in her support of us individually or as a group. It is a safe non-judgmental forum to ask questions and get honest feedback from the group and Rachael. Thank you. I am looking forward to joining you on other groups.

Talita Aitken (Fueling our Fireflies participant)

What a wonderful friendly person Rachael is. As a family we were heavy and I had a child who was extremely busy. Rachael talked me through foods that would help us all. The most beneficial thing for me was going around my local supermarket and learning best buys for our family. Because I learn visually this was great. I could remember packaging. Whenever I forgot Rachael was very accommodating when I sent her pics from the supermarket. Rachael’s knowledge and willingness to help has been outstanding…. Thanks heaps.

Melinda Meikle

I found Rachael very helpful when going through a tough time trying to sort out nutrition and general motivation. She was patient, knew her products really well and gave some real and interesting suggestions regarding meals and foods and organising the pantry. All of which have worked well. She has also put me in touch with other experts which also worked well. The sessions we had were affordable and I appreciated the time.

Auriette Gilmour

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